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In these fast paced days, we all find it difficult to live a life with purpose and meaning even though we have the best of intentions. We often become unable to handle the many stressors we confront on a daily basis. As a psychotherapist, clinical social worker, spiritual director, employee assistance counselor, and mental health counselor, I help people begin to understand what interferes and prevents them from reaching their greatest potential. If all of us are given an opportunity and safe place to explore ourselves and able to put the "pieces" of whom we are together, we will begin to fulfill our dreams.
As we use different treatment modalities and techniques, we make the necessary changes in attitudes and approaches to life. No longer do these lifelong problems interfere with our daily living. In addition, we must be constantly considering how our physical health, temperament, and current life situation impact our lives. Therapy is an investment in one's future.
Treatment interventions are tailored specifically for each person's needs. With 33 years of experience, I realize the need for several different approaches: psychodynamic/relational; cognitive-behavioral; problem solving; spiritual direction and family interventions are just some of these. The population I serve is from age 16 thru the elder years. I have completed two certificate programs: spiritual direction and level 1 Internal Family Systems Model. My areas of expertise include the following problem areas: depression; anxiety; grief; sexual, emotional, andphysical abuse; domestic violence; divorce; work and career issues; stress management; caregiving; life transitions; parenting; spiritual and elder issues.
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone at 814-695-2776.

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